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Rich Vs Broke student! What type of student are you?
These are 8 crazy and funny situations between Rich and Broke students that you can find in any class.
Tips, tricks, life hacks, and relatable situation ideas by Crafty Hacks.
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0:00 - 0:42 Arriving at class
0:43 - 1:31 poor vs Rich speakers
1:32 - 2:27 trying to sneak snacks to class
2:28 - 3:08 Ordering some lunch meals
3:09 - 3:50 trying to bribe the teacher
3:51 - 4:43 Getting ready in the morning
4:44 - 5:27 having the best purse
5:28 - 6:15 getting the best birthday presents
6:16 - 6:24 Outro

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