2021 Бар 29-нд
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Hello everyone! Fool Day is coming. Are you guys ready for it?
These are 6 crazy prank ideas by Crafty Hacks that you can use to prank your friends on April fool.
Funny DIY pranks and relatable moments that you can probably see every day.
Tips, tricks, and relatable moments can make you laugh.
Share and enjoy this video with your friends.
Which one is your most favorite prank?

0:00 - 2:23 drink sabotage
2:24 - 3:34 Nail in phone
3:35 - 3:54 zip tie madness
3:55 - 4:38 sour spray trick
4:39 - 5:43 store sale trickery
5:44 - 6:49 plastic wrap trash cover
6:50 - 6:59 Outro

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  • Im gonna prank my mom witch fake laptop

  • Omg

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  • That is so funny

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  • I Love craft hacks

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  • Nice april fool max

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  • This video is so funny

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  • and black vs white challenge eatlng yay

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  • Max you so funny

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  • Joyce was so badly

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  • That looks like is is redundant

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  • This Pop-tart can be founded in dining room at the back of work shop

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  • Max gives each person a purse it causes $ 20 dollars he said I thought was expensive we cannot take it I'm sorry so each person can't buy a purse

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  • Do you see the nail on the phone

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  • April fools Max and Joyce and Lilly

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  • Play love this game I need help help me my name

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  • T-Max Said Joyce huh

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  • Max be rude

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  • Amy put plastic wrap in the trash bin

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  • Joy Villa April Fool's prank on you

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  • It my birthday yesterday

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  • Everyone you know you are adults and how much more prank video you guys have 😊😎

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    • Why you so rude its justa prank :/

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  • 1:27 Joyce drank the coffee 2:10 max drank the tea drinks pranks

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  • Joyce looks so cute

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  • it looks like that Fred learn his lesson

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  • Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies recipe for with mayo

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  • 4:20 i laughed Joyce speaked funny

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