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What will you do if your mom was a millionaire?
These are 6 crazy situations that can be happened if you live in a billionaire family by Crafty Hacks.
Funny moment and relatable situations by Crafty Hacks.
Tips, tricks, and useful life hacks can save your day.
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0:00 - 0:50 Making last minute reservations
0:51 - 1:53 broke max saved by rich mom
1:54 - 2:45 new jewelry at the auction
2:46 - 3:40 Paying the professor!
3:41 - 4:36 lily getting her electronics taken away
4:37 - 5:34 getting a new dress for a date
5:35 - 5:45 Outro

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  • Hello Crafty Hacks Fans! This video is the Mother's Day present for everyone. We hope you like this video Tell us what will you prepare for Mother's Day.

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